Muskies eleven

Muskellunge (musky) were never really gone from western Pennsylvania but they’re surely experiencing a renaissance, if we can associate the word “renaissance” with a brutal, outsized predator of almost all else that swims.

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flaco the free bird

“Still, each day spent outside his familiar surroundings puts Flaco at risk, and not just because, having lived his whole life in captivity, he is not used to finding food on his own. If he did make a meal of, say, a rat, it could well be hazardous to his health,” the writer informed us.

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We strive to achieve perfection, every shrub and flower in its assigned place, looking its best, and nothing else crowding things and making a mess, nothing interfering with appearances or first impressions.

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state of mind

Many of the watershed’s tributary streams support wild trout too – a situation that’s not widely known yet. Nigel and I don’t even know yet the extent of the re-colonization by coldwater fishes.

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Back out west

We’d be foolish to go anyway; surely all the summery sights of the tourist season had withered, clouds would be oppressive and rain more the rule than the exception. Maybe better to just stay in western Pennsylvania.

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woodrise is your portal to the mind of Cedric C. Keith. Hence, a read of the material presented herein will be a wide-ranging foray over the years to come, I’m sure.

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