about woodrisebooks.com

Woodrisebooks.com is intended to introduce and promote the four book series, Woodrise. The title derives primarily from the nature of our rising eastern forest, a seldom celebrated but consequential environmental trend.

The site will also replace my former blog, thedyingfish.com which accompanied the release of my first book, The Dying Fish. The blog went on to cover a wide array of outdoor and environmental topics as will woodrisebooks.com. I strive to challenge our long-prescribed ways of looking at the environment both through the books and the content of my sites.

This is the place to stay current on the release of each of the four Woodrise books as they become available over the next four years. In late 2022 I’ll start with “Winter” and we’ll naturally progress to “Spring,” “Summer,” and “Autumn.” These books are all primarily composed of expansions on themes I’ve already written on over the last six years. Some of the material I hope will enhance the reader’s experience in the wild and much of it I hope will broaden the way he or she looks at the wild world around them.